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It's comforting to feel little sometimes, isn't it?


In unknown spots... it's easier to to want to tuck away to safety. 

Places where we are promised striking beauty & assured of peace. 

I think we must cling to hope even when we are still in the dark.


It's the ONLY WAY ahead. 

The ONLY WAY to go. 


May we... hope for more light when the full picture is muddied. 

And, hope for more healing when answers are only partially known. 

And, hope for resolution when it takes very difficult & messy work. 


Let's hope for a vision so astounding that it is - too much to take in. 

And, may the past layers not be forgotten - but, washed over with newness. 

"Too Much to Take In"

  • Original Mixed Media on Panel

    30 x 40 

  • All sales final. 

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